June News - Extended Weekend Hours!

Happy June Everybody!

Summer is here...cue the humidity activated eczema, fatigue, tossing and turning at night, and if you're REALLY lucky, the continuation of seasonal allergies. If you're looking for a little support to deal with these cyclical upticks in annoying bodily complaints, stop in and see us! With acupuncture and herbs, we can help you improve your sleep quality (and your mood) and soothe the inflammatory symptoms so you can actually enjoy the weather. 

And great news -- we've expanded our hours on Saturdays and Sundays!Our last appointment is 730pm on Saturdays, and 8pm on Sundays. And don't forget, you can still purchase discounted 3, 5 and 10 packs, and we have monthly memberships available. Just go to our online store to purchase and schedule. 

And just wanted to share...we won an award! CAMBA, an organization that helps small businesses in NYC (among many other great local programs for the community), awarded us and three other small businesses the Entrepreneur of the Year distinction. Here's a pic of Darrin excepting the award, and consider reaching out to them if you're considering opening a small business. They are an amazing and unsung resource that is empowering residents in practical ways to make working for themselves a reality. Because of their support, we've been able to do 15,000 acupuncture sessions alone in the last two years, and help support the availability of affordable complementary health care in Brooklyn.

We have a new name!